Watermelon Appetizer


I love watermelon. I wait all year for the middle of summer when I can once again enjoy the taste of fresh, ripe watermelon. A hot late July or August day and a big, thick slice of chilled watermelon is heaven! Better yet, add some good friends to the scene and you have an invitation to share laughter and good times.

Notice in the picture, that my choice of watermelon has seeds. To me, seeded watermelon tastes better. Besides, you don’t want to miss out on the fun of spitting out the seeds! I always remember my friend Lou’s description of their annual watermelon spitting party. At a cottage on Crystal Lake, in Michigan, family and friends would gather. A room in the cottage would be cleared of furniture, and newspapers spread out to cover the floor. Platters of watermelon were placed on the sole table left in the room. Everyone would grab a slice and began a watermelon seed-spitting frenzy! I never got to attend the event, but the image has stayed with me.

I have a recipe for the simplest, most delicious watermelon appetizer ever: fresh sliced watermelon sprinkled with vanilla salt from Salt Traders.

Vanilla Salt

I served it to an enthusiastic group last Saturday night. It was a big hit. Full disclosure: Didi Davis, owner of Salt Traders, is a good friend of mine, but this recommendation is wholly my own. Didi has a wonderful palate and all her products are wonderful. I suggest you check them out.

Happy National Watermelon Day!

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