Snow Ice Cream


I know this is an odd post for April, but we had our biggest snowstorm of the season last week. It was the first time this winter that we could make snow ice cream, a childhood favorite of mine. My sister, Kim, and I loved coming home from school on sufficiently snowy days to make big bowls of the stuff. My mom taught us how to make it, and I’ve joyfully passed the recipe to MM. It’s become one of his favorite snowy day treats as well.

Snow ice cream couldn’t be simpler to make. You’ll need freshly fallen snow that is deep enough for you to scoop up a bowlful without touching anything that might contaminate it such as dirt, twigs, fallen ash from snowy day fires, or other debris. So run home quickly on snowy days to make a bowl!

Snow Ice Cream


  • cold milk
  • sugar
  • vanilla
  • big bowl of freshly fallen snow


Add the vanilla and sugar to the bowl of snow.

Add milk, sparingly, to taste. You don’t want to make slush; you want to make soft “ice cream.” Stir constantly and taste often.

You’re done when you can taste each of the ingredients in balance with the others and your ice cream mounds easily when pushed by your spoon. Enjoy!

Snow for Snow Ice-cream
vanilla and sugar for snow ice cream
milk for snow ice cream
snow ice cream

I tried and tried as a kid to save leftovers but snow ice cream just doesn’t freeze well. Bottom line: when the weather’s right, you have to scoop up the fresh white stuff and make it one batch at a time.

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