Thanksgiving Recipes


As you might imagine, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Here is a selection of my recipes that will complement any Thanksgiving table. Just click on the links to go to the relevant recipes on the blog. 

I start by making chicken stock. Next is the gravy base. This year I’m going to my sister-in-law’s for Thanksgiving dinner, but I have a double batch of my basic cranberry sauce in the fridge that I’ve dipped into. I just love cranberry sauce, and I put it on everything! Also, don’t forget to calibrate your thermometer so you’ll be all set for roasting the bird. These are the things I do in advance.

Are you looking for more dishes that you can prepare in advance? Shrimp butter on endive leaves would be the perfect welcoming nibble as your guests arrive. For the rest of your menu, you might want to consider making pumpkin soup (as a first course), baked winter squash, or Ibu’s Curried squash (as sides).

Steamed artichokes with a simple dipping sauce make a lovely first course option following the shrimp butter. And for years I’ve served an iceberg wedge salad. The dressing can be made several days in advance. You will need to assemble the salad itself right before you serve it. Another seasonal, and simpler, salad would be radishes with fennel and mint.

On Thanksgiving day you will be roasting your turkey. I do stuff the turkey before roasting it. I think the stuffing tastes best when it is cooked inside the bird. But here I offer a you vegetarian, mushroom stuffing that is cooked outside the bird, of course. For non-vegetarians, I would eliminate the vegetable stock and combine the mushroom stock with chicken stock instead. Then I would stuff the bird with as much of the stuffing as will fit. Remember that the stuffing will swell as it cooks, so you need to leave some room for it to expand. Bake any stuffing that will not fit into the bird in the oven as directed.

I know green beans are a favorite this time of year, but for a change why not consider zucchini with mint?

Happy Thanksgiving, and bon appétit!

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