Storing Parsley and Other Fresh Herbs


Fresh parsley is a living thing, so I store it and other fresh, leafy herbs as I do fresh flowers. It’s best to have your fresh parsley washed and thoroughly dried before chopping it.

Washing Parsley

I wash my parsley immediately when I get it from the store or garden. To wash it, run the bunch under cold water then shake it vigorously to remove as much excess water as possible.

Cutting Parsley

Cut off the ends of the stems so that the parsley can draw up fresh water.

Parsley Storage

Place it in a container with fresh water to cover the stems then put it in the fridge. One caution: don’t put the parsley on the top shelf of your fridge. It may freeze and become bruised.

Cilantro (coriander) can be handled in the same way. More delicate herbs, such as fresh basil, shouldn’t be washed in advance. The leaves of fresh basil can become bruised with washing, so trim the ends off of the stems and place them in water to store them. Wash and pat the leaves dry just before using them.

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